Top 5 Must Have Supplies For Moving

Top 5 Must Have Supplies For Moving

Top 5 Must Have Supplies For Moving

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When it is time to move, there are a million things to think about. Anything you can do ahead of time makes a move easier and faster. If you are going to be boxing up everything for the movers, you can pack a lot of seasonal items and other things you don’t use often. Packing a few boxes every evening or on the weekends will give you a little breathing room when it comes to the actual moving day. Proper packing supplies are especially important for long distance moving Toronto. Before starting to pack, it can save you frustration and time if you have moving supplies. The five must-have supplies you need before you begin packing are:

1. Boxes

There are several ways to get packing boxes. You can purchase them from moving companies, and many of them will buy back the boxes you did not use. It is a good idea to buy a few more than you think you will need. Check local online classified ads. People who have recently moved often post free boxes on these sites. If you are looking for an eco-friendly alternative, see if your moving company rents reusable plastic containers. These plastic totes come with attached lids that hinge to the sides or removable covers. The totes are easy for you and the movers to carry because they have handgrips on the side. They are sturdy and stack nicely on each other.

2. Plastic Cling Wrap

Grab several rolls of clinging plastic wrap. This wrap comes in handy when you need to bind two matching items together, such as teapots and lids or electronic equipment and their cords. You can also use it to wrap cleaning supplies together tightly and rolls of wrapping paper. Wrap board games and puzzles to keep from losing any pieces.

3. Clean paper

You will want some white or natural colored paper to wrap breakables in. You might be tempted to use newspaper, but during the move, the newspaper can grind ink into the items it is wrapped around and anything else that comes into contact with it. Moving companies often have large rolls of clean paper, and the paper is relatively firm, which makes it perfect for wrapping glassware and plates.

4. Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is necessary if you are going to be moving antiques or other delicate items. Bubble wrap is available in rolls or sheets at moving stores. You can use the wrap to cover televisions and other electronics that you do not have the original boxes for.

5. Black Markers

Get several thick black markers. You will need them to label the outside of each container, and you will want to mark all four sides and the top. You will be going through a lot of ink, and if several people are packing at once, each person will need a few markers. If you are using reusable containers, you can put masking tape on each side and the top and write on the tape instead of the container. Make sure that the tape is stuck firmly to the box so that it doesn’t peel off during the transport.

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