The Latest Trends In Wood Flooring

The Latest Trends In Wood Flooring

The Latest Trends In Wood Flooring

Among the latest top trends in wood flooring are wider and longer boards; parquet-like patterns; and lighter, lime-washed woods, neutral gray tones, and dark woods.

Wider and Longer Boards

The long-time, popular trend of eliminating a separate living room, dining room, and kitchen creates a more open living space, but the numerous, traditional-width boards covering that space gives the floor a distracting, busy look. Wider, longer boards reduce the number of boards, reducing the number of bevels or edges, creating a smoother flooring look.

Dramatic Patterns

You may, however, want a more attention-grabbing floor. If so, create a pattern with your wood flooring, such as a herringbone. Sophisticated, detailed parquet patterns, complete with borders, medallions, and inlays, are also catching on with designers.

Lime-Washed Woods

Lime-wash, also known as pickling, is a white-wash technique that originated in Europe. Originally, high-end hardwood flooring was treated with a water and lime solution, but today, the aged, faded look is created with a less caustic liming wax that is applied to oak, ash, and other woods. The look is especially popular in shore homes, but it complements styles from rustic to formal.

Fumed Woods

Fuming adds a natural, aged, gray patina to wood flooring. With the controlled environment that is now possible, results are predictable, so, depending on the amount of fuming, patinas can range from a light, neutral gray to a deep charcoal. Additional treatments, applied after fuming, add color and depth. The fumed look, especially popular with white oak, highlights the natural grains and texture of the wood without overemphasizing them and provides an updated, attractive look that blends with numerous decorating styles.

Dark Woods

Like woods fumed to dark charcoal, dark woods and wood stains also make a bold statement. Walnut, oak, and cherry are popular wood choices. Jacobean and dark walnut stains complement traditional decors, while ebony provides a rich backdrop for contemporary styles. The warm look of reddish stains are increasingly popular, and a royal mahogany stain combines the richness of ebony with the warmth of a red tone for a sophisticated flooring look.

Other Noteworthy Trends

Two trends make hardwood flooring more practical for pet owners and parents — wire-brushed textures and low-gloss finishes.

With the wire-brushing, or wire-scraping, technique, the wire brush scrapes off the softer, top layer of wood, leaving the hardest wood and revealing more of the wood’s natural texture and grain. Scratches, scrapes, and chips blend into the wire-brushed texture.

Low-gloss floors emphasize the texture and color of the wood over the shine and also camouflage dust, dents, scratches, and footprints, making them easier to clean and maintain than high gloss floors.

These versatile trends provide hardwood flooring choices for everyone. For more information, you can visit the Fuse Flooring website.

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