How To Identify Good Quality Outdoor Furniture

How To Identify Good Quality Outdoor Furniture

How To Identify Good Quality Outdoor Furniture

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In choosing your outdoor furniture, you must consider many factors to obtain the best quality furniture. Consider your materials, your comfort, and how the furniture is built.

Most metal, cedar, and all-weather wicker pieces can survive unblemished anything that nature throws at them. Colored items, however, fade, so it is best to save such for cushions and accent pieces. Cedar and pine are light-colored softwoods that age, like teak, to a silvery gray unless you seal or paint them. Cedar and pressure-treated pine last, but the best-quality wooden furniture is center-cut heartwood lumber with a consistent grain. Then, furniture with stainless-steel or zinc-plated screws is quality, as you can tighten the screws. Metal is prized for durability, versatility, and comfort. Usually, metal furniture is either wrought iron or aluminum, and aluminum is weatherproof. Resin furniture, while it is durable, cheap, and low maintenance, may blow across a yard in a storm.

Don’t omit to test for comfort. Sit in them to test them before you buy them. Ask if the seat height matches up well with the table height. Does the table allow room for everyone’s chair legs to come up under the table comfortable without entangling? Are the armrests suitably matched to the table height? Are they comfortable or meant for show? How about the char seats and backs? Are the chair seats roomy without dwarfing you? Can you lean against the back of the chair?

How the Furniture is Built
There are some extra tests that you should know to test for quality in outdoor furniture. In wood furniture, look for closely fitted joints. Check the evenness of the finish, and make sure that the whole set has been sanded thoroughly everywhere. In metal furniture, make sure the welded joints are neat and unobtrusive. The best joints have been smoothed and coated to match the rest of the piece of furniture. Paint should look uniform without drips, missed spots, or ripples. No sharp metal edges are allowable — not even under the table, as that is where knees touch. Nor should there be anything sharp underneath the armrest. Then, ascertain that any nuts and bolts are hidden or capped. Exposed fasteners must be made of stainless steel, as that metal does not rust. Also, check that individual pieces are rigid. Wiggle each piece; flexing is alright. Feel free to ask questions of the clerk if you do not feel that you have enough information.

Your materials, your comfort, and how the furniture is built. Examine these issues, and you will know all you need to find the perfect, high quality, unique match for your outdoor space. You can learn more by visiting Ace Peel Hardware & Supply.

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