6 Ways to Customize Wooden Wine Boxes to Create the Perfect Occasional Gift

6 Ways to Customize Wooden Wine Boxes to Create the Perfect Occasional Gift

6 Ways to Customize Wooden Wine Boxes to Create the Perfect Occasional Gift

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Being able to personalize an occasional gift is one way to demonstrate to the receiver you have given great thought to what the celebration symbolizes. Customized wooden wine boxes are a sure way to show how much you care.

1- Include Names

Adding names to a wine box made of wood is something that will please anyone that receives your thoughtful gift. It shows that you did a lot of planning to bring them the right gift for a special occasion. The time and money invested are worth it when you see the smile on their face.

2- Commemorate Special Dates

Occasional gifts that are in celebration of special dates should have the date stamped onto the wine box. What better way to provide a nice gift for a birthday, anniversary, job promotion, wedding date, or any other important event. Any wine box custom designed and created can have these important dates added to the outside surface with ease. You’ll make a perfect impression every time. More resources can be found at the Ekan Concepts inc website.

3- Customize the Size for Larger Wine Gifts

The amount of wine you plan to give or the size of the bottle will be a determining factor in the size and interior design of the wooden box you need. You want everything to fit snugly and not clang together, which can damage or break the bottles. Source your wine gift boxes from a company that is happy to customize the size.

4- Add Personalized Symbols or Logos

If you are planning on sending a wine gift for a business opening that has to do with dog grooming, why not request a dog symbol to be laced on the exterior of the box. You can even have a company logo added to give it a personal touch. Hearts, crescent moons, stars, and many other symbols can be added to help personalize your gift.

5- Choose the Right Wood

You can choose from a few varieties of wood to build the wine box you think would best suit the taste of the recipient. The number of choices depends on where you source the product. It can be helpful if you feel the gift will be placed on display.

6- Get a Large Enough Wine Box to Include Other Items

You may want to include other items along with the wine. Discuss your interior space needs in order to get the customized space it will take to send all of the items in one shipment.

Customization is one reason wooden wine boxes make a great way to send or deliver the perfect gift for any and all special occasions.

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