5 Tips For Buying An Eco-Friendly Toilet

5 Tips For Buying An Eco-Friendly Toilet

5 Tips For Buying An Eco-Friendly Toilet

These days, more people are becoming aware of how their choices affect their environment. When it comes to your toilet, it is surprising to find out how much water is used for each flush. Depending on the age of your toilet, it can use anywhere from two to seven gallons each time it gets flushed. To save precious water and money on your water bill, consider hiring a plumber to replace your old toilet with an eco-friendly one. Below are some tips to consider when shopping.

1. Water Usage Per Flush

The most important feature of an eco-friendly toilet is how much water it uses to flush. Low-flush toilets can use as little as one gallon or less for each flush. Some toilets offer options between solid and liquid flushing to save even more water.

2. Types Of Flushing Options

Advanced eco-friendly toilets can come with different types of flushing mechanisms. Various toilet styles come with several bowl-rinsing options to use. Some of the mechanisms eco-friendly toilets include are vacuum-assisted, double cyclone, jet siphon and gravity aided flushing. Each type of mechanism has its own set of benefits that may or may not work for your particular household.

3. Appearance

A common toilet has a seat, a tank and a curved bowl on the underside that connects to the floor.. This is been the look of toilets for decades. However, the new appearance of eco-friendly toilets is often tankless. Many of the new toilets come with sleek, seamless designs that make cleaning much easier. There will be no more nooks and crannies that are difficult to keep clean. For homeowners who want an eco-friendly toilet and a minimalist look in their homes, there is the option of getting a wall-mounted toilet that saves water. The design of the toilet has no base or tank.

4. Soft-Closing Features

A top complaint from many parents with younger kids is when they slam the toilet seat down after going to the bathroom. Many new toilets come with the option of getting a soft-closing seat and lid. When you choose this type of toilet feature, you will not have to hear your toilet being abused any longer. Your kids’ trips to the bathroom will be much calmer and quieter. Additional resources can be found at www.caldwellplumbing.ca.

5. Toilet Handle Options

Another feature to consider with eco-friendly toilets is the handle. Traditional toilets have handles on the side of the tank to push down when flushing. Nowadays, you can get a toilet with a button to push that is located on the top of the toilet tank.

These are just some of the tips to take into consideration when looking for an eco-friendly toilet to buy. When you care about the environment and how much water your home uses, switching to a toilet that uses less water is a green option. For questions about getting an eco-friendly toilet installed in your home, call a local plumber for guidance.

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