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5 Tips For Buying An Eco-Friendly Toilet

5 Tips For Buying An Eco-Friendly Toilet

These days, more people are becoming aware of how their choices affect their environment. When it comes to your toilet, it is surprising to find out how much water is used for each flush. Depending on the age of your toilet, it can use anywhere from two to seven gallons each time it gets flushed. To save precious water and money on your water bill, consider hiring a plumber to replace your old toilet with an eco-friendly one. Below are some tips to consider when shopping.

1. Water Usage Per Flush

The most important feature of an eco-friendly toilet is how much water it uses to flush. Low-flush toilets can use as little as one gallon or less for each flush. Some toilets offer options between solid and liquid flushing to save even more water.

2. Types Of Flushing Options

Advanced eco-friendly toilets can come with different types of flushing mechanisms. Various toilet styles come with several bowl-rinsing options to use. Some of the mechanisms eco-friendly toilets include are vacuum-assisted, double cyclone, jet siphon and gravity aided flushing. Each type of mechanism has its own set of benefits that may or may not work for your particular household.

3. Appearance

A common toilet has a seat, a tank and a curved bowl on the underside that connects to the floor.. This is been the look of toilets for decades. However, the new appearance of eco-friendly toilets is often tankless. Many of the new toilets come with sleek, seamless designs that make cleaning much easier. There will be no more nooks and crannies that are difficult to keep clean. For homeowners who want an eco-friendly toilet and a minimalist look in their homes, there is the option of getting a wall-mounted toilet that saves water. The design of the toilet has no base or tank.

4. Soft-Closing Features

A top complaint from many parents with younger kids is when they slam the toilet seat down after going to the bathroom. Many new toilets come with the option of getting a soft-closing seat and lid. When you choose this type of toilet feature, you will not have to hear your toilet being abused any longer. Your kids’ trips to the bathroom will be much calmer and quieter. Additional resources can be found at www.caldwellplumbing.ca.

5. Toilet Handle Options

Another feature to consider with eco-friendly toilets is the handle. Traditional toilets have handles on the side of the tank to push down when flushing. Nowadays, you can get a toilet with a button to push that is located on the top of the toilet tank.

These are just some of the tips to take into consideration when looking for an eco-friendly toilet to buy. When you care about the environment and how much water your home uses, switching to a toilet that uses less water is a green option. For questions about getting an eco-friendly toilet installed in your home, call a local plumber for guidance.

6 Advantages Of Hiring A Moving Company

6 Advantages Of Hiring A Moving Company

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When significant life changes occur, nothing is more reassuring than having added help. After all, many hands make light work. This notion rings especially true when moving. Hiring college movers to assist with your upcoming departure is conducive to a smooth-running move. Below are additional advantages of employing college movers.

1. Unmatched Convenience

Assuming all of the moving responsibilities yourself can be quite a hassle. Relinquishing some of these duties literally takes some of the weight off. You have enough matters to manage during the move. When working with college movers, moving your belongings from one residence to the other is one less burden you have to shoulder.

2. Industry Experience

Believe it or not, there are many tricks of the trade when it comes to moving. A seasoned professional will know which methods to implement to ensure a streamlined process. As a result, the move will take considerably less time, and you’ll be all settled in your new abode in no time. The benefits of partnering with an experienced specialist are not to be underestimated.

3. Guarantees Safe Transportation

College movers are equipped to deliver materials from one location to another safely. They pack the boxes just so, in a manner that keeps your belongings out of harm’s way. While your items are in transit, you can rest assured that they’ll arrive intact.

4. Requires Fewer Trips

Given the size of moving trucks, there’s typically only one trip involved. Making various trips back and forth is exhausting and makes the process seem all the more overwhelming. If you’d like to save yourself considerable time, consider pursuing a moving service.

5. Items Stay Organized

Let’s face it. If you were to move the boxes yourself, you’d likely toss them in your car haphazardly. Movers, on the other hand, take a meticulous approach, arranging the boxes systematically; that way, they’re easy to unload upon arrival to your new home. The hallmark of an efficient move is organization. Additional information and resources are available at Matco Calgary Movers.

6. Your Belongings Are Insured

Should items get ruined while en route, there’s no need to despair. There are contracts in place to safeguard you against any traveling mishaps. If you forgo a moving service, you’re responsible for any damages that your items sustain.

There’s no sense in enduring added stress when outlets like moving services exist. If you’re reluctant to hire a moving company, think again. Above are only a few of the benefits you’ll reap.

4 Vital Home Plumbing Services

4 Vital Home Plumbing Services

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To say that your home’s plumbing setup is one of the most essential parts of its design and upkeep is an understatement. If you doubt that, just try getting by for a week or two with one or more major plumbing problems. You might have the loveliest interior decorating of anyone on the block, but if your sanitation system starts to break down and you have sewage sloshing across the kitchen or seeping through the walls, you can bet that your guests will be none too impressed. That’s why every homeowner in Canada should be able to call upon a quality plumber when needed, with these professionals providing some of the most essential plumbing services.

1. Fixing Your Toilet

There isn’t a more unsavoury or odious look for your home than a clogged or overflowing toilet. No matter when it strikes, toilet trouble certainly counts as an emergency situation from a plumbing standpoint. That’s why you’ll want to be able to call on plumbing experts in Canada who can perform repairs on your toilet in a quick and timely manner. Whether it is clogged, leaking, overflowing, or suffering from any other problem, a quality residential plumber will work to quickly detect the nature of the issue and resolve it as soon as possible.

2. Fixing Your Sink

The same holds true when it comes to effecting repairs to your sink. As with your toilet, a clogged or leaky sink can be an absolute nightmare from a homeowner’s standpoint. What’s more, while some sink problems can be repaired with a wrench and a bit of know-how and elbow grease, more advanced issues require quite a bit of maintenance and repair work. That’s why you’re going to want to turn to the best plumbing teams in your area to fix whatever underlying problem is plaguing your sink, ensuring that it operates cleanly and at peak performance once again.

3. Fixing Your Shower

There are many different ways in which your shower might malfunction. For example, you may find yourself dealing with a water pressure issue, leaving you with less of a shower and more of a mere trickle petering out of your showerhead. Then again, maybe it isn’t that you can’t get the water pressure up high enough but rather that the water level within your shower is remaining too high as your drainage system refuses to work properly. In addition to either of those issues, there’s always the possibility of your water heater starting to fail, leaving you without hot water.

Whatever the problem may be, you can count on a quality Canadian residential plumbing team to find the solution.

4. Fixing Your Pipes

Last but not least, if you are suffering from problems with the pipes themselves, you are going to want to make sure that you get the matter looked at by a quality residential plumbing team. They can treat your pipes for leaks, rust, and a variety of other issues.

Get quality plumbing service for your home with Canada’s best residential plumbers near me Richmond Hill.

Top 5 Must Have Supplies For Moving

Top 5 Must Have Supplies For Moving

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When it is time to move, there are a million things to think about. Anything you can do ahead of time makes a move easier and faster. If you are going to be boxing up everything for the movers, you can pack a lot of seasonal items and other things you don’t use often. Packing a few boxes every evening or on the weekends will give you a little breathing room when it comes to the actual moving day. Proper packing supplies are especially important for long distance moving Toronto. Before starting to pack, it can save you frustration and time if you have moving supplies. The five must-have supplies you need before you begin packing are:

1. Boxes

There are several ways to get packing boxes. You can purchase them from moving companies, and many of them will buy back the boxes you did not use. It is a good idea to buy a few more than you think you will need. Check local online classified ads. People who have recently moved often post free boxes on these sites. If you are looking for an eco-friendly alternative, see if your moving company rents reusable plastic containers. These plastic totes come with attached lids that hinge to the sides or removable covers. The totes are easy for you and the movers to carry because they have handgrips on the side. They are sturdy and stack nicely on each other.

2. Plastic Cling Wrap

Grab several rolls of clinging plastic wrap. This wrap comes in handy when you need to bind two matching items together, such as teapots and lids or electronic equipment and their cords. You can also use it to wrap cleaning supplies together tightly and rolls of wrapping paper. Wrap board games and puzzles to keep from losing any pieces.

3. Clean paper

You will want some white or natural colored paper to wrap breakables in. You might be tempted to use newspaper, but during the move, the newspaper can grind ink into the items it is wrapped around and anything else that comes into contact with it. Moving companies often have large rolls of clean paper, and the paper is relatively firm, which makes it perfect for wrapping glassware and plates.

4. Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is necessary if you are going to be moving antiques or other delicate items. Bubble wrap is available in rolls or sheets at moving stores. You can use the wrap to cover televisions and other electronics that you do not have the original boxes for.

5. Black Markers

Get several thick black markers. You will need them to label the outside of each container, and you will want to mark all four sides and the top. You will be going through a lot of ink, and if several people are packing at once, each person will need a few markers. If you are using reusable containers, you can put masking tape on each side and the top and write on the tape instead of the container. Make sure that the tape is stuck firmly to the box so that it doesn’t peel off during the transport.

Pack Items Properly to Make Moving a Breeze

Pack Items Properly to Make Moving a Breeze

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Moving to a new home is a large undertaking for anyone and something that most people dread. What is an even bigger headache than moving? Arriving at your new place and finding that your belongs were damaged, destroyed or lost in the process. Packing items safely and conveniently for the movers is the most important part of making your move go as smoothly as possible. Follow these tips to ensure that your belongings make it from your old home to your new home in one piece.

Use Plastic Containers Instead of Cardboard Boxes

The last thing you want to do in your new home is open up a box and find that the contents have been damaged by water or completely ruined because the bottom of the box fell out. Prevent such disasters by investing in plastic containers with lids. They only cost a few dollars each and can be re-used as storage containers or ice chests. Long distance movers recommend these containers for moves greater than 200 miles.

Label Boxes by Room

You can make the task of unpacking a breeze if you pack items that go in the same room together and label the boxes by room. For example, pack your cookware and utensils together and write “kitchen” on the box. Ask the movers to place each box in the appropriate room for you to save even more time.

Save Factory Boxes for Electronics and Fragile Items

Expensive and fragile items, such as televisions, computers and small kitchen appliances travel best in the boxes they came in. When you buy these items, save the boxes to re-pack your items for safe moving. If you have already discarded the box, you can buy specially made boxes from shipping companies or purchase a used box online.

Avoid Packing Perishable Food Items

No moving company wants to transport food items that may leak or go bad during the move. Long distance movers may charge a fee if rotten food leaves a smell or a mess in the moving truck. Plan to use up your perishable food items and avoid purchasing groceries that you will not eat before the move.

If you have any perishable food left on moving day, discard it or give it away to a neighbor. Non-perishable items like canned goods, boxed pasta and spices are less risky, but it is still a better idea to transport any food items in your own vehicle rather than the moving truck.

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